Germanic Belief: The Racial Question

The issue of “race” has been a hot topic within the modern Germanic Heathen “community” since as long as I’ve been aware of it, ie. from 1989 to present. In fact, when the original AFA went belly up, it’s former membership factionalized into two camps; those who believed that Germanic Belief, or Asatru as they are more prone to call it, is the religion of the Germanic peoples as an exclusive matter, ie. no non-Germanics, and those who considered it to be open to anyone regardless of ancestry. These are what have customarily become known as the Folkish and the Universalist camps, respectively.

So where do I stand on all of this? Well, I don’t choose either side. And I refuse to be labelled a fence-sitter. I stand in an altogether different paradigm it would seem; a Germanic cultural paradigm as opposed to a Western cultural paradigm.

The way I see it is really simple; if you have ancestry that runs back to the Germanic peoples then you have a blood right to your cultural heritage. A person shouldn’t feel the need to ask anyone’s permission or seek anyone’s approval. It’s a fact of birth and ancestry. Even if one’s skin is otherwise brown. On the other hand, that doesn’t get one into anyone’s “club”. No one is obliged to invite another into their family or worship group simply because that other has taken up the religious aspects of their blood right. The Germanic world has never worked that way, it still doesn’t, and it has always been characteristically local in orientation; with communities reserving the right to include or exclude anyone it, as a whole, so damn chooses … and the next tribe over be damned.

Good fences make for good neighbours.

And this is one of the big problems with the Asatru community … the belief that it is a single community or religion, ie. with prevailing standards that all members must hearken too. If WW II is any indication — if not there are plenty of others!!! — we collectively “don’t like it” (to put it mildly) when someone tries to establish “prevailing standards” that all NW Europeans and their descendants must hearken too.

What I’ve said above can also be applied to those without a blood right. People can and will do what they want. I personally have neither the time nor the inclination nor the resources to go out on witch-hunts against “racists” or “Zionists” or “non-Europeans” or whatever … I’m too busy practicing my religion and always learning of my ancestors to be bothered; I’m too busy caring and setting an example of actually “loving my people” to waste my time tearing the Folk apart with politicking and the inability to mind my own. The only reason I write this piece at all is simply the need to combat bad PR.

But back on track; what is wrong with others, with non-Germanics, non-Euro-descended people thinking that our ways are so cool that they want to be part of it? There are afterall many different levels one can “interface” with Germanic belief on. The ancestral is just one of those ways. And I do concur that the ancestral dimension is what it IS, and it is something meaningful; if not in the modern ideological terms one might assume.

So, like it or not, people will do what people will do. I think that when we have a “community” that well-nigh roundly exclaims that only weaklings kneel, even before a god, while from the Bronze Age forward we have CLEAR evidence that the Germanic peoples knelt in both worship and fealty, that we have more pressing concerns than who is having who over to a house one never visits anyway. Worship group A is exclusively white? Well, if you’re not don’t expect much from them! Worship group B is “all inclusive”? Again, if you were looking to be “among your own”, that would be the wrong place to look.

This is not rocket science. A monkey could figure it out.

If I hope to accomplish anything in writing this babbling non-sense on a subject so incredibly worthy of just that, babbling non-sense, it is less to deflate the entire “racial issue” and more to bring the idea of heritage home to the reader. It is yours. And what you make of it, or allow others to make out of it for you, will be the legacy you leave for your descendants.

And if it’s not yours, but you think it’s cool or whatever? Well, while I’ve never been confronted by a non-Euro-descended person being interested in worshiping Germanic style with me and mine, I think it’s cool that others think our heritage is cool. Thus, whether or not I personally would be comfortable with worshiping alongside a non-Euro-descended person — or ANY random person no matter their ethnic background — tolerating and understanding it among others is effortless.

8 thoughts on “Germanic Belief: The Racial Question

  1. Rev. Dragon's Eye

    Makes a lot of sense to me.

    What bothers me most,

    Is that when one group wants to constantly berate and down-play the other(s) over differences in beliefs, yet – they ALL claim to be so spiritually-centered. Then, we have the championing all of these political-correctness laws being used to force ALL groups, etc. to be “all accomodating” and worrying more about compliance with all of these wars and protecting everyone’s feelings, equally, in a sure-to-lose proposition, rather than concentrating on fulfilling the purposes of their chosen faiths. – I know. That was a mouthful, but states exactly what I have seen out there, in concerns of private groups and gatherings.

    I definitely like the attitude of this piece, as it makes the best sense, and upholds the idea of “the freedom to believe whatever we may”. Those freedoms are fast dwindling to nothing, all on account of “protecting others’ feelings”.

    Thank you for a VERY REFRESHING piece!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

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  2. icareviews

    What Asatruar wisdom might beleaguered European-derived peoples draw from the beliefs and experiences of their ancestors with respect to the mass importation of Third Worlders, e.g., Somalians and other foreigners, transplanted to Sweden and other countries at public expense? Can any son of Europe professing to identify with his Nordic forebears look on such scenes without frowning – and, furthermore, with such seeming complacency as prevails?



    Germanic polytheism is not my practice, but I had a few questions/comments that I’d be interested to hear your response to.

    I know that there are Heathens, such as Wayland Skallagrimsson, who identify as Tribalist rather than Universalist, but are highly critical of racist tendencies within Heathenry. Skallgrimsson’s statement of what he calls a Tribalist position is not too dissimilar from yours: “The answer the Tribalists have to the question of ‘Who can practice Asatru?’ is: ‘Anyone who makes a sufficient effort to understand and adopt the culture of the ancient heathens.'” However, he is also of the opinion that “We should get rid of the ridiculous notion that an individual’s right to have an honest opinion is grounds for forcing the rest of us to associate ourselves, even indirectly, with it. We should call racists racists and make sure they have no say in the future of our religion.”

    You wrote that “People can and will do what they want.” This is absolutely true. You also wrote, “The only reason I write this piece at all is simply the need to combat bad PR.” I was wondering if you consider the existence of explicitly “whites-only” groups to be bad PR for Germanic polytheism? Some Heathens, such as Sarenth Odinsson, consider those groups to have an extremely negative effect on other practitioners (especially new practitioners). What do you think?


    1. jameybmartin Post author

      I don’t think that whites only groups are necessarily a bad thing, anymore than mixed ethnicity groups, or even non-white groups. Bad PR in my view is anyone of these groups trying to universalize their local “race standards” and define it as “Germanicism”. Some of us are more accepting accepting of outsiders, others not so much, and that is just the nature of the beast. IMO, let the people be! And know where your yard begins and where it ends. Good fences make good neighbours. Too much energy is wasted debating these issues.

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        If you think that whites-only groups are potential “good neighbors,” then you are right that further discussion will be fruitless, though I wouldn’t “universalize” that statement: I only mean between you and I.

        May your gods, the spirits of the land, and the spirits of the dead judge you justly for your actions and your inactions. Keep in mind that if you live in North America, the land you walk on is stolen native land, and the land contains the bodies of millions of people of color who lived and died under extremely violent circumstances.


      2. jameybmartin Post author

        Enjoy your crusade! I’m sure you’ll do your fair share in building walls, reducing “the other” to caricatures, and polarizing society, rather than taking the time to meet your neighbour. You’re a real saint. The Nazis would be proud!


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